Gwinnett Public school system is home to over 139 schools with more than 178,000 students enrolled in including 80 elementary schools, 29 middle schools, 21 high schools, and nine other educational facilities/schools.

Since 1997, GCPS has benefitted from a special pur¬pose local option sales tax for education, or E-SPLOST. Over the years, E-SPLOST has provided GCPS students with thousands of needed classrooms in nearly 60 new schools, as well as technology improve¬ments essential to world-class teaching and learning. Projects include five new schools, one bus facility, and nine additions and renovations. The most recent SPLOST projects included air conditioning for all middle and high school gyms and all elementary activity buildings, along with all kitchens that currently do not have air conditioning.

In 1986, GCPS partnered with Frazier Service to implement automation & control systems into all of their facilities. What began as simple, on/off control based on time of day has evolved into a thoroughly comprehensive control, monitoring, & notification system that even includes “Auto Demand Response” to utility company rate changes in some facilities. Control at each individual school consists of factory mounted controllers on all WSHP units that include specific alarms at each unit that notify maintenance personnel if exactly what is wrong with a unit should a failure occur. Each space is also monitor by occupancy sensors that control the lights and HVAC systems. When no occupancy is sensed, the lighting is turned off and the temperature set point is adjusted for energy savings. Frazier Service has also installed hundreds of Variable Frequency Drives on HVAC fans, cooling towers, and pumps to achieve even more energy efficiency.

GCPS has long been recognized as a market leader in energy conservation and green initiatives while spending about 40% less on energy per square foot than similar area school districts. Frazier Service Company is proud to have partnered with Gwinnett Public School System for over 40 years in their effort to conserve energy and reduce costs.

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