Electronic access cards are currently the most secure building option. They replace locks with intelligently controlled devices, and are operated by swiping an authorized card, which unlocks the respective door. Doors may be unlocked during business hours and locked at a pre-programmed time. This eliminates the need to lock doors manually. Propping doors open is common; sensors on the door may also provide notification of a door propped open for a period of time.

Electronic card access systems allow business owners and building managers an unparalleled degree of control. From a computer program, you can control who can go where at what time. These systems provide a log of when and where certain cards were used, as well as where someone attempted to use them.

Frazier Service started on the cutting edge of building automation and energy management in 1986 and continues to provide industry leading solutions today. With a variety of systems and components, we are dedicated to providing a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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