Building Automation Is Energy Efficient and Lowers Utility Costs

Atlanta summer heat is on the rise, and so are your utility costs. Your building’s HVAC units make up about 30% of your overall energy consumption. Through building automation, you can get full use of your building’s operating systems while keeping costs at a minimum.

Optimize Energy Usage With Automated Building Control Systems

Automated building control systems are a productive way to oversee your building’s operations. There are traditionally two types of control systems businesses use today to support an energy-efficient building:

Control Systems

Building control systems are applications that you can implement into your building automation to increase energy savings and streamline maintenance. They enable facility managers to adjust the facility’s heating and cooling systems from digital devices like a smartphone or tablet. 

Mission-critical industries and businesses—such as hospitals, IT data centers, and biomedical labs—require continuous cooling to operate successfully and safely. Control systems have remote access and monitoring capabilities that allow your business to solve mission-critical system issues as soon as possible.

The control system’s remote monitoring capabilities enable you to automatically change the facility’s condition during high cost performance times. During peak times or business hours, the systems can be working at total capacity. However, during non-business hours, the BAS limits the system’s usage because it’s not as necessary.  

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are a cost-effective solution to secure the safety of your employees, visitors, and company goods. They’re currently one of the most reliable security options in the market and can easily integrate into new and existing buildings

Authorized access control systems are operated by a single card swipe and unlock the facility for anyone who has authorization. Access control systems give you the ability to control who can enter what sectors of the building at what time and log when and where an unauthorized attempt was made.

Since 1973, Frazier Service Company has been helping industries like yours in the Atlanta market lower utility costs and prevent energy management systems from breaking down. Connect with a rep today to learn how to get the most use out of your building’s operations.

Lower Energy Costs With Energy-Saving Building Systems

Building automation systems (BAS) offer companies significant cost savings and reduced energy consumption. BAS provides many benefits to your facility, including:

Remote Monitoring

BAS remote monitoring technology is equipped to help you stay in tune with your building’s infrastructure, including:

As mentioned previously, many industries are mission-critical, meaning their building needs to stay at a specific temperature for operations to run successfully. For example, industries such as meatpacking plants work with various foods that are temperature sensitive. Remote monitoring allows you to receive emails or push notifications noting the temperature of your facility. This enables you to make temperature adjustments to HVAC systems, freezers, and coolers as needed. 

In addition to HVAC systems, freezers, and coolers, the remote monitoring capabilities of the BAS give you access to your electric and water meter structures. This allows you to see what building component you’re spending the most on and helps you generate detailed, real-time pricing.

Seamless Energy-Saving Automation and Integration

Building automation integration is seamless and can help you save money and reduce energy consumption. It also makes preventative maintenance a breeze because you don’t need to check each unit routinely. Thanks to BAS, you only need to ensure the energy management system is working because it ensures your operations work efficiently and notifies you if it doesn’t. 

Benefits of building automation integration include: 

  • Efficient and simple energy savings
  • Flexible system designed for upgrades
  • Interchangeable components
  • Minimal maintenance
  • User-friendly platform

Take Control of Your Finances and Energy Management Systems

For over 40 years, Frazier Service Company has been helping industries like yours optimize their commercial building infrastructure. In addition to building automation systems, we offer an energy efficiency consulting program to ensure businesses in the Atlanta market get the most use out of their systems.

We partner with only the best suppliers in the business to ensure our customers get the highest quality products. Discover the Frazier difference and connect with us today to schedule a free consultation to promote your company’s green initiatives.

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