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Offering a Variety of Building Management Systems

Frazier Service Company, Inc. partners with H I Solutions to bring you intuitive applications for building management systems. We’ve successfully deployed H I systems for a variety of industries, such as K12 schools, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

H I Automation Systems and Solutions

Frazier Service Company partners with H I Solutions to provide innovative and cost-effective systems for building management. For more than 35 years, Frazier has distributed computer-based H I automation systems and solutions for a wide variety of industries, such as industrial, commercial, office, educational, and healthcare facilities. Well-known companies rely on Frazier’s expertise in H I Solutions’ products and systems, providing Automated Demand Response (ADR) integration to improve energy savings. From HVAC to lighting control solutions, it’s our pleasure to offer you building systems you can count on, reducing energy consumption and giving you detailed information in real time.

“I can confidently recommend Frazier Service Company, Inc. as a solid and reliable company with unsurpassed expertise in their field.”

Dr. Cleta J. Long

Energy and Control System Solutions

Lighting systems account for 40% of a commercial building’s energy usage. With H I Solutions Field Commander™ Lighting Control System, you can significantly reduce your energy costs for a new building or retrofit application. With the Frazier team implementing your energy and control system solutions from H I, you eliminate the need for separate lighting control panels, relays, and contactors, reducing installation costs and time.

HVAC Building Management Systems

The Field Commander Building Automation System from H I Solutions provides a range of controllers for any type of general HVAC equipment. Equipped with a complete suite of Enterprise software, you get system access control capabilities, along with extensive reporting regarding your HVAC system. From small scale building to large, complex facilities, the Field Commander Building Automation System has a wide range of scaling flexibility to meet your needs.

Experience The Benefits of a Building Management System

Turn your building management system dream into a reality with Frazier’s custom financing options for H I Solutions systems. Contact us to learn how our team works with you on your budget and helps you prepare for future HVAC systems and lighting upgrades.

Building Automation Systems and Solution Services

Frazier Service Company takes a customer-partner approach to the integration and maintenance of your H I Solutions building management systems. When you choose Frazier as your building solution partner, you get an experienced technician who knows how to integrate and maintain energy control systems successfully, from lighting to HVAC and every application in between. And with our customer contract agreement for H I Solutions, you get preferred scheduling and reduced labor costs for onsite visits. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss important building management system inspections and upgrade services.

Energy Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

Our team of certified engineers and technicians specialize in helping you improve energy performance and reduce utility costs through our unique energy efficiency retrofit program.

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