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 Our Most Impressive Building Management Results

A Massive Energy Makeover

Akins Ford Dodge Chrysler Jeep is going green, integrating a leaf in its logo. A massive energy makeover has been undertaken to update the 37-year-old family dealership’s facilities to bring modern efficiencies and future savings. Chris and Brad Akins were exploring ways to make the dealership more efficient when our business development manager stopped in to talk about how we could help with the total package of energy management and green solutions.

Frazier Service Company, Inc.’s team of experienced technicians installed new lighting in every part of the building, from the showroom where uniform, two-lamp fixtures shine on new cars to the service area where 97 domed prismatic lights bring sunlight in and keep heat out. State-of-the-art refuse oil furnaces were also installed to reduce the dealership’s monthly gas bill, along with replacement HVAC units to improve building performance and efficiency.

Making the working environment more comfortable was also a priority, so three large push fans were added to the building, pushing down heat to keep the working environment favorable.

  • HVAC Equipment Replacement Expertise
  • HVAC Installation Best Practices
  • Lighting System Retrofit Experience
  • Energy Consulting

Akins Ford expects to see a return on their $1.2 million investment in three years. A total of 1,400 fixtures and 3,000 lamps, along with ballasts were replaced. A 45% savings was gained by going from 57-watt to 32-watt lamps.

Delivering Smart Building Solutions for Multiple Industries

As an innovative building management solution provider, Frazier Service Company provides smart solutions for a wide range of industries, from school systems to industry manufacturing facilities.

Essential Technology Improvements Resulting in World-Class Teaching and Learning

Gwinnett Public school system is home to over 139 schools with more than 178,000 students enrolled in 80 elementary schools, 29 middle schools, 21 high schools, and nine other educational facilities.

GCPS partnered with Frazier in 1986 to implement automation and control systems into all of their school buildings. What began as a simple on and off control application, depending on the time of day, evolved into a comprehensive control, monitoring, and notification system, including “Auto Demand Response” for utility company rate changes in some facilities. We installed controls at each individual school in the county, as well as hundreds of Variable Frequency Drives on HVAC fans, cooling towers, and pumps to achieve even more energy efficiency.

GCPS has long been recognized as a market leader in energy conservation and green initiatives, while spending about 40% less on energy per square foot than similar area school districts.

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