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Innovative Multi-Site Building Management With Novar Controls

Running more than one business location is costly. From HVAC and lighting systems to cooling towers and fans, lowering utility bills seems impossible. But Frazier Service Company, Inc. partners with Novar to make reduced operating costs for multi-site businesses a reality.

Novar Energy Management Systems for Multi-Site Businesses

As an innovative building management solutions provider, Frazier Service Company partners with leading building automation vendors to provide a variety of industries with energy management systems for multi-site buildings. Our partnership results in integrating Novar energy management systems that allow you to automate the control of energy-consuming loads, resulting in lower operating costs.

A Multi-Site Novar Control System

Whether your goal is to conserve energy or create a comfortable building environment, the Opus™ Novar control system stands apart from the competition, offering flexibility, scalability, and a unique perspective on multi-site energy management. From site-level applications and energy reporting to enterprise-level energy analysis for efficient management, Frazier can tailor your Opus™ Novar control system to meet your multi-site requirements, increasing building performance, improving comfort, and reducing equipment downtime.

Novar System Integration

Integrating your building system technology with products from multiple vendors seems like a daunting process. But with Frazier, Novar system integration is seamless. Our certified engineers and technicians are capable of connecting your control system and ensuring communication between applications, so you can preserve your building equipment for as long as possible. Designed and built on the industry standard Niagara AX framework, the Opus™ Novar control system supports the most common industry standards for open communications among open format, open protocol, and open data structure devices.

Let’s Discuss Your Energy-Efficient Novar Control Financing Options

Benefitting from an energy-efficient Novar control system for multi-site management doesn’t have to drain your bank account. With Frazier’s custom financing options, you can easily manage your Novar energy management system solutions.

A Trusted Novar Partner and Distributor

We sell what we believe in. That’s what makes us a proud Novar control system partner and solution provider. We take a customer-partner approach to energy-efficient, cost-saving Novar controls and multi-site building automation systems for commercial businesses. When you choose Frazier as your Novar automation partner, you get an experienced technician who knows how to integrate and maintain energy-efficient Novar energy management systems successfully, from HVAC and lighting systems to utility meters and every application in between. With our customer contract agreement for multi-site building automation and management, you also get preferred scheduling and reduced labor costs for onsite visits. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss important control upgrade services.

Seamless Novar Control System Integration

Frazier makes integrating a Novar control system with your existing building applications a seamless process. Whether you run a small business or enterprise corporation, integration is simplified with Frazier.

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