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Affordable HVAC Unit Replacement Systems From Leading Manufacturers

To replace or not replace is a common question business owners ask themselves when considering an HVAC unit replacement. As an innovative building management solution provider, Frazier Service Company, Inc. can help you decide if now is the right time to replace your system.

When to Consider a Complete HVAC System Replacement

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guidelines state that the usable life expectancy of a commercial HVAC system is about 15 years. This guideline applies to a variety of systems and units, such as:

  • Split systems
  • Package units
  • Roof top units
  • Thru-the-Wall units

If your HVAC equipment is nearing the end of its life, you may experience operational issues, such as rising utility bills, increased maintenance and repairs, and ineffective climate controls.

“For over three decades Frazier Service Company has been an outstanding partner providing sales, installation, and service of our field commander building control systems. They have installed hundreds of systems throughout Georgia from schools and colleges to industrial complexes and medical centers. Frazier’s factory-trained, experienced staff can handle any type and any size control project in a cost-effective manner.”

J. Harold Ivester

A Step Before Commercial HVAC Retrofit: Functional Performance Testing

Before considering a complete HVAC system replacement, Frazier Service Company technicians can perform a functional performance test (FPT) on your equipment. Known as the step before a commercial HVAC retrofit, an FTP analyzes the Direct Digital Control (DDC) of your system, measuring and testing to determine if the unit is performing mechanically as designed. Our technicians test your unit’s mechanical features to ensure they are functioning properly before exploring options for a commercial HVAC retrofit.

Offering Detailed HVAC Equipment Design and Installation

If you’ve determined that a complete HVAC system replacement is the right step for you, Frazier can provide you with a comprehensive HVAC equipment design and installation plan. We’re committed to delivering custom HVAC systems that improve indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. What sets us apart from the rest is that our customer approach to HVAC unit replacement starts from within: By treating our staff like essential partners, our employees treat our customers like preferred partners, too. Whether you need to eliminate the need for emergency HVAC repair or upgrade your aging system, your partnership with Frazier ensures you’re informed every step of the way.

Explore Your HVAC Unit Replacement Options Today

Frazier Service has excellent relationships with major HVAC unit replacement manufacturers, allowing us to procure equipment on short notice. We are prepared to go the extra mile to get your HVAC equipment replaced, minimizing building downtime.

Experience The Frazier Difference With Quality HVAC Equipment

Frazier Service Company, Inc. provides you with innovative building management solutions that lead the industry. With a customer-partner approach and preferred treatment for building solutions and services, such as preventative maintenance, you can conveniently schedule routine maintenance at a reduced cost. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss crucial HVAC services, which will reduce system downtime and improve your HVAC equipment’s shelf life.

When you choose Frazier, we walk you through every step of the financing process. Our team answers all of your financing concerns, giving you the support you need to manage your HVAC unit replacement payment. Experience the Frazier Difference with efficient buildings and smart solutions.

HVAC Equipment Maintenance

Once your complete HVAC system replacement is installed, it’s crucial to schedule routine maintenance services for consistent high performance. Learn more about our HVAC preventative maintenance services.

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