Retrofit LED Lights

Retrofitting LED Lighting Systems for Georgia Businesses

 Lighting is new in every part of a Georgia-based car dealership, thanks to Frazier Service Company, Inc. From the showroom floor to the service area, 97 LED bulbs are improving the building’s energy efficiency, and the business owners are saving money. Choose Frazier for lighter use of your business’s energy.

Our Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

As an innovative building management solution provider, Frazier Service Company helps commercial businesses reduce energy consumption by replacing outdated, traditional lighting and inefficient light fixtures, resulting in significant cost and energy savings.

“I can confidently recommend Frazier Service Company, Inc. as a solid and reliable company with unsurpassed expertise in their field.”

Dr. Cleta J. Long

Our team of engineers and technicians offer various energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as:

  • Turnkey lighting upgrades
  • Automated controls for lighting systems
  • Utility funded incentive programs
  • 179D tax deduction assistance
  • Financing options

With Frazier as your energy-efficient lighting specialist, you can improve your cash flow, energy savings, and occupant comfort with our LED lights for business operations.

A Customer-Partner Approach to Retrofit LED Lights

We take a customer-partner approach to providing commercial businesses with retrofit LED lighting solutions. At Frazier, we want to treat our customers like partners, and that starts with our team members. Most of our employees are tenured because we admire and respect the work ethic they bring day after day, and we show our appreciation by treating them like partners. As a result, our staff values our customers, too, giving you the preferred partner treatment you deserve for retrofitting LED lighting systems.

LED Lighting Solution Experience

Frazier Service has experience upgrading commercial business’s lighting systems to achieve energy efficiency and green initiatives. The Akins Ford dealership needed a massive energy makeover to benefit from modern efficiencies and future savings, so they contacted Frazier to implement an LED lighting system solution for the 37-year-old, family-operated dealership. After our work was complete, the facility was left with new lighting in every part of the building—from the showroom where uniform, two-lamp fixtures shine on new cars to the service area where 97 domed prismatic lights bring sunlight in and keep heat out. The result of our efforts? A 45% increase in energy savings.

Transform Your Facility With Energy-Efficient Lighting

Whether you’re analyzing your budget, planning for your LED lighting solution, or forecasting for future lighting advancements, Frazier Service can help you make your dream of energy-efficient lighting a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options.

LED Lighting Solutions From Industry Leaders

We partner with industry leaders in energy-efficient lighting solutions to offer you a variety of LED fixture applications. With a variety of LED lights for business systems that are manufactured by industry leaders you get the most energy-efficient LED lighting available on the market.

Experience The Frazier Difference for Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Frazier is dedicated to offering innovative LED lighting solutions for Georgia-based commercial businesses. With a customer-partner approach and financing options, you are a part of key decisions regarding your LED lighting system because, as a Frazier partner, you’re involved in every aspect of the project.

Our team is dedicated to offering financing details and options for building solutions. We walk you through every step: analyzing your budget, planning for your LED lighting solution implementation, and forecasting future replacement bulb inventory. We address all your budgeting concerns, giving you the support you need to manage your lighting system payments and prepare for future improvements. Experience the Frazier Difference that results in efficient buildings and smart solutions.

Akins Ford Case Study

The Frazier team helped Akins Ford reach their green initiatives by implementing a custom LED lighting solution, a project involving multiple trades and building systems that was financed and paid for by energy savings.

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Our customers consider us a strategic building management solution partner, but it’s a two-way street. We consider our customers essential partners, too. Contact us today to build a partnership.

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