Building Automation System Integration

Seamless Building Automation System Integration for Commercial Buildings

 Building automation integration is easier than it sounds. As an innovative building management solution provider, Frazier Service Company, Inc. breaks down the process for you, giving you a clear understanding of how simple it is to benefit from an automated building management system.

A Customer-Partner Approach to Building Automation Integration

Building automation integration is a seamless way to update your commercial building and enjoy its modern features. Integrating a building automation system with intelligent, world-class technology allows you to connect your commercial HVAC system, lighting, security, and protection applications, giving you a smart building system monitoring solution that’s controlled from a single platform.

Frazier Service Company approaches building automation integration with a customer-partner mindset. You’re a strategic part of planning and integrating a custom Automated Demand Response (ADR) solution for your commercial building. Our team of engineers, technicians, and support staff work with you throughout the entire integration process, from planning to final stages. Our team has the skills to simply update your existing system rather than replacing it, saving you time and money. Once the project is complete, you get an intuitive building management system that increases energy savings and system performance.

“I can confidently recommend Frazier Service Company, Inc. as a solid and reliable company with unsurpassed expertise in their field.”

Dr. Cleta J. Long

Building Automation and Energy Management

As an innovative building automation solution provider, Frazier is proud that more than 50 million square feet of commercial buildings in Georgia are operating under Frazier’s ADR energy management systems. Our ADR building automation and energy management solutions automatically change building conditions during high-cost hours. Our remote access monitoring solutions access your utilities, such as electric and water meter structures, as well as your commercial HVAC system, to generate detailed, real-time pricing. Once your ADR energy management system changes your facility’s condition during high-cost performance times, we work with you to develop other ways to reduce energy consumption during peak events.

Building Automation Installation Steps

Our team of engineers and technicians include you in every step of the building automation installation process:

  • Understanding building and user equipment
  • Routing data safely
  • Creating system integration specifications
  • Determining life safety control options
  • Managing integration and maintenance

The Benefits of Building Automation System Integration

We sell what we believe in, a value that drives our commitment to providing Georgia businesses with innovative solutions for building automation and energy management.

With Frazier Service integrating your building automation system, you get:

  • Efficient and simple energy savings
  • Flexible system designed for upgrades
  • Interchangeable components
  • Minimal maintenance
  • User-friendly platform

Explore Frazier’s Building Automation Integration Financing Options

We address all of your budgeting questions and concerns, so you can confidently manage your integration and system payments and prepare for future upgrade decisions. Give us a call today to learn more.

An Innovative Building Automation Integration Process Coupled With Industry-Leading Equipment

We have strong customer-partner relationships, but Frazier Service has also built strong relationships with our building automation system manufacturers. With a wide range of management systems and devices manufactured by industry leaders such as Siemens Talon, Novar, and Alerton, you get a building system that’s customized to your building management needs. Equipped with impressive compatibility system components, extensions, and upgrades, our user-friendly building automation control systems improve your commercial building’s overall performance.

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The Frazier Difference for Building Automation System Integration

With Frazier, customer partnerships mean getting the preferred treatment. Our customer contract agreement for building automation solutions allows you to conveniently schedule onsite building management services at reduced labor costs. Once you’re a preferred Frazier partner, you won’t miss important automation inspections and upgrade services, reducing system downtime and improving energy savings.

Access Control Systems

Frazier offers electronic access cards for your commercial building. Electronic key card access operates on an intelligently controlled device, giving you peace of mind when you lock up every night.

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