Gain Insight on Building Data Analytics Through Automation Systems

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Have you recently noticed a decrease in your commercial building’s system efficiency or an increase in energy bills? Building automation systems give you insight into building data analytics to pinpoint potential issues in your facility’s infrastructure.

What Are Building Automation Systems?

Building automation systems (BAS) are computer-based systems that control different components of a building’s internal structure, such as lighting, security systems, and heating and air conditioning. They centralize your building’s internal functions to simplify day-to-day building operations.

A dependable building energy management system strives to improve system functionality, minimize costs, and ensure the safety of your employees and customers. In addition, automation systems allow you to review building data analytics to provide a complete data analysis of your spending on utilities and options for reducing your building’s energy usage.

Frazier Service Company has provided Georgia business owners with management solutions since 1973. Contact us today to streamline building controls and costs through building automation systems.

Why Are Energy Management Systems for Commercial Buildings Important?

Energy management systems provide many benefits to your commercial building. They provide big data analytics for businesses that include:

Assessing Energy Usage

Building automation systems are a great way to analyze your facility’s energy consumption. They enable you to identify where your building is wasting energy; businesses often waste energy on unnecessary lighting, heating, and cooling of unoccupied rooms.

Forecasting Energy Demand

Energy demand refers to the amount of energy needed during a particular period of time, such as the summer and winter months. Comparing data sets of historical and real-time energy usage allows you to predict and plan for months where your building uses the most energy.

Analyzing Build Infrastructure

Data generated by building automation systems enable you to understand your building’s temperature, power, control signals, equipment status, and occupant behavior. Identifying relationships between energy demands, user patterns, and building components makes it easier to comprehend system trends and identify areas of improvement for energy efficiency.

Detecting System Faults

Building management systems provide real-time updates on building systems and detect potential equipment infrastructure issues. Its continuous monitoring and data analysis features notify you when there’s a risk of system failure and allows you to take measures before it becomes an urgent matter.

How Can I Reduce Building Energy Consumption?

Many business owners don’t realize there are steps they can take to reduce commercial building energy usage that doesn’t involve turning off the building’s electricity. You can minimize energy consumption by introducing:

Control Systems

Building automation control systems are responsible for operating and monitoring your commercial building’s HVAC, lighting, and security systems from a single platform. This allows you to take a deeper look into your building’s electricity and uncover why your energy bills may be inflating.

Remote Monitoring

Remote automation monitoring is a smart solution that enables you to analyze your building’s equipment operations from a distant location. If a building’s temperature is too hot or cold based on its preset temperature, you’ll receive a notification and have the opportunity to make adjustments as needed.

Remote monitoring systems are ideal for industries like food distribution facilities and meat packing plants that require temperature changes to keep food fresh. Remote monitoring ensures your facility is at the appropriate temperature to keep operations running successfully.

Energy-Saving Automation

Energy-saving automation systems can be easily integrated into your commercial building. This intelligent technological approach enables you to automatically change building conditions during high-cost hours; this eliminates worry about spending money on energy that’s not being used during non-business hours. These automation solutions require minimal maintenance and offer a user-friendly platform to all businesses.

Guarantee Big Data Energy Savings With Frazier Service Company

For over 40 years, Frazier Service Company has provided quality data management solutions for various industries across Georgia. Our control systems and remote monitoring solutions make building automation system integration seamless and user-friendly. We partner with reputable companies to ensure you’re getting the best equipment in the market.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians value customer relationships and service; we’re dedicated to making your building systems and equipment more productive and cost-efficient. Get started on building automation system integration and discover the Frazier difference by connecting with one of our representatives today.

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