Improving Building Efficiency With Honeywell Products

With Frazier Service Company, Inc., a trusted Honeywell controller partner and distributor, your commercial building can reach new heights. Our team works with Honeywell to deliver building improvements that you’d never thought possible.

Honeywell Automation for Commercial Buildings

Frazier Service Company is an authorized Honeywell partner and distributor, a privilege that gives us direct access to a variety of Honeywell automation and control products for commercial buildings. From direct digital control (DDC) and field devices to lab controls and utility meters, Honeywell provides us with a range of options that are unparalleled in the building automation world.

“For over 29 years, Frazier Service Company has been a strategic partner with the Gwinnett County Schools system. They have always been dependable and available to us whenever we have needed them. I would recommend Frazier Service to any institution or business looking to improve on their current energy management solutions, or installation of a new state of the art DDC system.”

Craig Woodrow

Honeywell Energy-Efficient Building Automation

As an innovative building management solution provider, Frazier provides a wide range of industries with Honeywell energy-efficient building automation products that reduce operating expenses and improve organizational performance. By providing business owners with detailed data analytics, performance metrics, and Automated Demand Response solutions, Frazier customers save time and money, and are able to prevent equipment failure with Honeywell controllers.

Honeywell for Mission-Critical Businesses

Mission-critical businesses, such as IT data centers, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, depend on Honeywell field devices and Frazier’s digital infrastructure expertise to run operations efficiently. Our mission critical customers require a continuous cooling system to operate successfully and safely. Honeywell field devices, combined with Frazier’s rapid response for urgent troubleshooting, solve your mission critical system issues in real time.

Finance Your Honeywell Automation Solution

Integrating Honeywell automation solutions for your commercial building doesn’t have to drain your bank account. With Frazier’s custom financing options, you can easily manage the cost of your Honeywell controller device solutions.

A Trusted Honeywell Partner and Solution Provider

We sell what we believe in. That’s what makes us a proud Honeywell partner and solution provider. We take a customer-partner approach to innovative, cost-saving controllers and building automation systems for commercial businesses. When you choose Frazier as your Honeywell automation partner, you get an experienced technician who knows how to integrate and maintain energy-efficient Honeywell controllers successfully. Plus, with our customer contract agreement for building automation and management, you get preferred scheduling and reduced labor costs for onsite visits. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss important upgrade services.

Energy Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

Our technicians specialize in helping commercial building owners improve energy performance and reduce utility costs through our energy efficiency retrofit program.

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Our customers consider us a strategic building management solution partner, but it’s a two-way street. We consider our customers essential partners, too. Contact us today to build a partnership.

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