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A service disabled veteran owned small business established in March of 1973, Frazier Service Company has been providing HVAC services for 43 years. Our capabilities include HVAC/Refrigeration services including installation, retrofits, preventative maintenance and full system design. Our energy management division provides customized engineering to install controls and automation that will significantly reduce your energy consumption providing long term value. With a highly-trained team of engineers, technicians and support staff, we are committed to providing quality applications to each individual customer’s needs resulting in peak efficiency and long term value.

Through The Years

Founded In 1973
Frazier Service Company was founded on the cutting edge of technology, at least in 1973, providing mechanical services for HVAC and lighting. 1973 also saw the birth of Ethernet. This technology would soon allow for communication between mechanical systems giving birth to Building Automation Systems (BAS).

Circa 1986
1986 saw the first color computer and the first laptop containing 1MB of RAM was released. As technology changed, so too did Frazier Service Company. BAS was now a priority in non-profit facilities like K-12. By the end of 1986, Frazier Service had designed and installed controls in dozens of K-12 schools across Georgia. Many of the systems we initially designed required developing technology that did not exist at the time. Much of the technology of that time period required developing our own hardware and circuitry to perform even the simplest of tasks. Having that conceptional design mentality from an early stage has embedded a design/build approach to energy solutions for every individual customer need.

Circa 2016
Today, Frazier Service Company provides a wide range of engineered solutions across multiple automation platforms. What started 43 years ago as a Mechanical Services Company has now become one of the leading Energy Management Companies in the market place. We offer design build automation systems to more advanced applications in energy monitoring solutions including automated demand response (ADR), load shedding, utility monitoring and real time system Apps right on your cell phone. With tens of millions of square feet under direct control from a Frazier installed automation system, we have a solution for every need.

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