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 Advanced Building Automation Control Systems for Georgia Businesses

Traditional building systems are becoming obsolete, thanks to increased energy bills and complex maintenance procedures. But with Frazier Service Company, Inc.’s building automation control systems, you get a high-quality application that increases energy savings and streamlines maintenance with extensions and upgrades.

A Customer-Partner Approach to Automated Building Controls

Frazier Service Company brings a unique customer-partner approach to our services, driving our dedicated team to offer affordable, quality automated building controls equipped with intelligent, world-class technology. These automated controls operate and monitor your commercial HVAC, lighting, security, and protection system on a single platform.

“For over three decades Frazier Service Company has been an outstanding partner providing sales, installation and service of our field commander building control systems. They have installed hundreds of systems throughout Georgia from schools and colleges to industrial complexes and medical centers. Frazier’s factory trained, experienced staff can handle any type and any size control project in a cost-effective manner.”

J. Harold Ivester

Mission-Critical Industrial Control Systems

A wide range of mission-critical businesses depend on Frazier’s advanced industrial control system technology. Mission-critical businesses, such as hospitals, IT data centers, and biomedical labs, require a continuous cooling system to operate successfully and safely. With remote access and monitoring and Frazier’s rapid response for urgent troubleshooting, your mission-critical system problems are solved through hands-on experience in real-time.

BAS Control Panel Integration

With Frazier, BAS control panel integration is easier than it seems. Our team of certified engineers explain every step of the process, making BAS control panel integration a seamless process that results in energy savings, minimal system maintenance, improved industrial energy efficiency, and a user-friendly interface. We even take our dedication a step further and offer financing options to help you manage your automated building control system.

Get The Preferred Frazier Treatment for Your Automated Building Control Services

Customer partnerships with us mean getting preferred treatment. Frazier’s customer contract agreement for automated building control solutions gives you a leg up among the rest. Get quicker troubleshooting responses and flexible onsite visits with our customer contract agreement for building automation controls.

Building Automation Controls From Leading Manufacturers

Not only do we have strong partnerships with our customers, but Frazier has built strong relationships with our building automation control system manufacturers too. With a variety of systems manufactured by industry leaders such as Alerton, Novar, and Siemens Talon, you get the most modern, intelligent, and fully flexible automated building control system available on the market. Equipped with highly compatible system components, extensions, and upgrades, our user-friendly BAS control panels improve your building’s overall performance.

Mission-Critical Remote Monitoring

Frazier’s dedicated service coordinators handle mission-critical business’s automated building controls. Our solutions for remote monitoring result in fast troubleshooting solutions.

Experience The Frazier Difference for Automated Building Controls

Frazier is dedicated to offering you innovative building management solutions for building automation controls. With a customer-partner approach that results in preferred treatment, you can conveniently schedule onsite automated building control services at a reduced labor cost. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss inspection and upgrade services, which will reduce your system downtime and improve your energy savings.

Our team is dedicated to offering financing details and options for building solutions, walking you through every step: From analyzing your budget, planning for your automated building control integration, and forecasting for future control panel upgrades. We address all of your budgeting concerns, giving you support to manage your building automation control system payments and preparing you for future upgrade decisions. Experience the Frazier Difference that results in efficient buildings and smart solutions.

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