Commercial HVAC Repair for Atlanta and Beyond

Providing Commercial HVAC Repair for Atlanta and Georgia Businesses

Other HVAC repair service companies simply place a proverbial band-aid on some of the most common HVAC problems. But with Frazier Service Company, Inc.’s HVAC solutions, you get a strategic repair that ensures the issue never occurs again.

Our HVAC Repair Services

Frazier Service Company’s HVAC repair services solve some of the most common heating and cooling system problems:

  • Dirty filters
  • Pilot and ignition issues
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Mechanical wear and tear
  • Heat pump leaks
  • Blown fuses or tripped breakers
  • Dirty condenser or evaporator coils

We partner with industry leading manufacturers in HVAC equipment to provide our customers with quality replacement parts at an affordable price. Once your commercial heating and cooling system is repaired, one of our certified technicians offers you next steps for implementing an HVAC maintenance plan to improve your system’s quality of life. No matter what kind of HVAC issue you’re facing, our HVAC repair services result in efficient buildings and smart solutions.

“From installation through start-up and ongoing with our maintenance needs, Frazier has been at the top of their game. We have been extremely pleased with the new HVAC system they installed. Their attention to detail and commitment to service are important elements of the good working relationship we have with Wayne and the whole team at Frazier.”

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Emergency HVAC Repair Services

The Frazier Service team is dedicated to delivering rapid responses when it comes to emergency HVAC repair services. We’re available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your commercial heating and cooling system. A few signs to look out for where emergency HVAC services are needed include:

  • Ice on your system
  • Mechanical gear grinding
  • System hissing
  • Yellow flame present in furnace
  • Puddles or steam surrounding boiler
  • Sulfur aroma coming from furnace

Industrial HVAC Repair Solutions

Industrial HVAC repair solutions are far more complex than commercial building repairs. Often requiring a custom, high-performance HVAC system, industrial manufacturing facility operations depend on mission-critical climate control monitoring to keep their buildings comfortable, safe, and productive. As an innovative building management solution provider, Frazier Service has experience in providing industrial HVAC repair solutions for prominent manufacturers. From inconsistent airflow to an unexpected rise in heating and cooling costs, a wide range of mission-critical businesses depend on our industrial HVAC services.

Trained and Certified HVAC Repair Service Technicians

Equipped with industry-trained and -certified HVAC repair service technicians, Frazier is committed to delivering efficient commercial HVAC system repairs that result in trustworthy, customer-partner relationships. Whether you need to improve indoor air quality or find the cause of an unfamiliar smell coming from your system, your partnership with Frazier ensures a quality repair every time.

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HVAC repair services are what we do, and we do them well. Frazier Service is dedicated to quality, fast HVAC repair services. We’re there when you need us, and we get the job done right. Contact us today to find a solution for your commercial HVAC system.

HVAC Repair Services by Industry

Frazier provides commercial heating and cooling system repair for a wide range of industries in and around the Atlanta area. Public school systems, senior adult care facilities, hospitals, and production buildings depend on our experienced, knowledgeable technicians to deliver HVAC repair services that result in efficient buildings and smart solutions.

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Experience The Frazier Difference With Commercial HVAC Repair for Atlanta and Beyond

Frazier Service Company is dedicated to offering solutions for commercial HVAC repair for Atlanta and Georgia. Our customer-partner approach to HVAC repair services allows you to schedule regular HVAC services at your convenience and at a reduced cost. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss crucial preventative HVAC maintenance, which will reduce system downtime and improve equipment longevity.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Once your HVAC equipment is repaired, it’s crucial to implement a routine preventative maintenance plan to improve your system’s longevity. Frazier Service technicians can help you develop a detailed maintenance strategy.

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Our customers consider us a strategic building management solution partner, but it’s a two-way street. We consider our customers essential partners, too. Contact us today to build a partnership.

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