Siemens Talon Building Automation Systems

Georgia’s Sole Source Provider for Siemens Talon Building Automation Systems

Siemens Talon building automation systems control more than the basics—they monitor and regulate your building’s security, lighting, and HVAC systems to provide you with comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Frazier Service Company, Inc. can help you choose the right Siemens Talon system for your needs.

Siemens Talon Systems for Building Automation Management

Siemens Talon systems seamlessly integrate a wide range of open protocol devices, such as BACnet, LonTalk, and Modbus, resulting in a robust system that’s monitored and controlled from a single platform that’s accessible from anywhere with Talon web technology.

As Georgia’s sole source provider for Siemens Talon systems, Frazier Service Company engineers and technicians can implement Siemens Legacy LON devices for new construction and renovation projects where Siemens Staefa/LON is used. Our team also has skills to repair Siemen’s older legacy systems as well as their new DXR systems.

“Frazier Service Company’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has helped them maintain a solid customer base, a major reason we have chosen them as our new Siemens Solution Partner. Frazier’s team includes several long-time Siemens employees that are as capable as anyone with the Legacy LON products, as well as our BACnet product. This makes Frazier a great choice for either maintaining your current system investment or beginning the transition process into a more current BACnet based system.”

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Siemens Talon Controls for Facility Mobile Applications

Siemens Talon controls for commercial mobile applications provide users access to information through custom software designed for mobile devices and tablets. As a Siemens Talon building automation system provider, Frazier professionals can offer you Talon’s suite of flexible mobile applications at an affordable price. Once our team installs your system and devices, you get the royal customer treatment, giving you preferred onsite maintenance and upgrade services.

Siemens HVAC Automation System Benefits

Integrating Siemens HVAC automation for your commercial building transforms your traditional facility into an intuitive smart building. As a result, you’ll experience reduced energy consumption and increased cost savings. Frazier’s team of certified engineers and technicians knows best practices for HVAC automation integration and maintenance, so whether you are planning a new project or want to integrate a Siemens HVAC automation system into your existing building, count on the Frazier team to deliver.

Get Custom Financing Options for Your Siemens Talon System

You can easily manage your Siemens Talon system with Frazier’s customizable financing options. Contact us to learn how our team works with you on your budget and helps you prepare for future system upgrades.

Siemens Talon Systems Integrated With Innovative Services

Frazier Service takes a customer-partner approach to the integration and maintenance of your Siemens Talon building automation system. Many of our tenured employees are long-time Siemens professionals, so you get an experienced technician who knows how to integrate and maintain Talon control systems successfully. Plus, with our customer contract agreement for Talon systems, you get preferred scheduling and reduced labor costs for onsite visits. As a preferred Frazier customer, you won’t miss important inspection and upgrade services.

Frazier’s Building Automation Services

Our building automation system solutions are the foundation of 50 million square feet of commercial buildings in Georgia. Using the latest industry advancements, we can integrate building automation into your commercial systems.

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