Which Building Automation System Company Is Right for Me?

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It’s easy to feel intimidated by the number of different types of automation systems available to you. Our building automation systems comparison will make your choice easier.

What Is the Value in a Building Automation Systems (BAS) Comparison?

Choosing the right automation system for your business is no small matter. If you’re interested in energy efficiency for your building, automation systems are a great investment. Building automation systems are unparalleled when it comes to efficient energy savings, multi-site building management, and systems flexibility.

Who Are Our Partners?

Frazier Service Company partners with some of the top building management system companies in the nation. Whether you are looking to install building systems in an industrial, commercial, healthcare, educational, or office environment, we have options for you.

H I Solutions has installed computer-based automation systems and solutions for over 35 years. Their products and systems have enriched buildings in a variety of environments, such as the industrial and classroom setting. H I’s building control services foster comfort and security.

The Field Commander is a premier management system that provides controllers for all HVAC equipment types. The system is equipped with a robust Enterprise software suite. Complete system access control and reporting ensures there are no surprises regarding the running and upkeep of your chosen automation system.

Are you concerned about your building’s energy usage? The Field Commander provides a host of options to help significantly reduce energy costs. H I Solutions’ Lighting Control System will eliminate the need for lighting control panels and relays and diminish both the cost and time of installations. There’s no reason to worry about space, either—the Field Commander’s user-friendly design means it takes up much less room than other building automation controls.

Consider H I if you are looking for:

  • Computer-based automation systems
  • Solutions for the industrial and classroom environment
  • An advanced access control system
  • A robust lighting control system

Siemens Talon offers some of the best in facilities management. Their BAS control goes beyond basic coverage. Siemens Talon equipment ensures the integrity of your building’s security, lighting, and HVAC systems through consistent regulation and monitoring.

When working in a critical space, be it a hospital or laboratory, safety is key. If you want to improve the security and energy efficiency of your building, there are few better alternatives.

Siemens Talon integrates a host of open protocol devices; everything from Building Automation and Control Network (BACnet) to Modbus is supported, monitored, and controlled from a platform accessible from anywhere. Industry automation and energy savings are offered in a scalable package. Join all that with a friendly user interface, and Siemens is an excellent option.

Looking into Siemens Talon if you value:

  • Comprehensive BAS control
  • Considerable building lighting, security and HVAC systems
  • Industry-best automation and energy savings
  • Equipment with an easy-to-learn user interface

We understand the need to have full control over the scope of your building’s management systems. Alerton provides Frazier with an incredible range of building control options. With offerings like their BACnet building management solution, Alerton gives you the tools you require to customize your own solution to your building needs.

Even the most sophisticated systems are manageable under Alerton’s controls programming software, Compass. Compass is a facilities management solution that offers formidable tools for reporting and monitoring that even the most robust building systems are viable.

When we say Alerton excels in user-friendly, flexible options for building control, we mean it. With Compass, you have control in the operation and optimization of your building. You even have the ability to unify Compass with any existing solution you may already have in place. This advantage is due to certain BACnet protocols, which are a fixed industry standard.

Choose Alerton if you need:

  • Full control over the scale of your building’s management systems
  • Formidable reporting and monitoring tools
  • The ability to unify a new systems solution with existing infrastructure

Deciding which option from all the different types of automation systems is right for you can be a challenging process. Frazier Service Company is available to make the choice simpler. One call can make all the difference. Send us a message today to learn how you can integrate BAC into your organization.

With Honeywell, Frazier Service Company has access to a wealth of automation and control products perfect for integration in a commercial building environment. Critical businesses like IT data centers and manufacturing facilities enjoy the advantages in organizational monitoring Honeywell provides. Their innovative solutions help your manufacturing processes succeed.

Are you looking for improved business agility? Honeywell may have just what you need. Honeywell has evolved process control beyond standard Distributed Control System functionality (DCS) by merging people, assets, and processes into a cohesive whole.

Technologies like Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager (DVM) offer a valuable security solution that unifies well with Experion PKS and Experion Industrial Security platforms. With the program in action, authorized users are provided exhaustive control of security systems, including video. This allows for a well-integrated workflow for alarm navigation.

With Honeywell solutions, the dream of a truly flexible automation system is not so farfetched.

Honeywell is for you if you need to:

  • Improve your business’s agility
  • Access process control beyond DCS functionality
  • Mesh more advanced security solutions with an existing Experion platform

Novar has provided buildings with robust HVAC and lighting systems solutions for more than 30 years. Frazier Service Company partnered with Novar to make the impossible less so—through our cooperation, the reduction of operating costs for even the most sprawling businesses is feasible.

Multi-site building management can be a hassle. The costs are daunting, and the logistics a nightmare. Thankfully, Novar can assist you. No matter whether you are looking to improve your building’s energy conservation or comfortability, Novar has a solution. Through the Opus Novar control system, energy management is no longer a trial. The Opus Novar control system offers everything from site-level applications to energy reporting. The program may be adjusted to whatever scale suits your needs. However you want it, you have it.

If you value flexibility, Novar has something for you.

Novar has you covered if you need:

  • Effective multi-site building management options
  • Expansive HVAC and lighting systems solutions
  • Excellent site-level applications and energy reporting

Explore the Different Types of Automation Systems With Frazier

It’s a difficult yet necessary step for every business owner to conduct a building automation systems comparison. There are many answers to the question of automation, and to find the correct one for your situation may take time. The ideal system will afford any business owner or property manager the ability to monitor and control their building infrastructure at any level.

We’re available to make your decision easier. If you are ready to take those next steps, don’t hesitate to reach out to Frazier Service Company. Take your building operation to the next level.

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