Benefits of Building Automation Systems in the Summer

System downtime is inconvenient and can result in unwarranted business closures. Building automation systems (BAS) offer many benefits to your business operations, especially during the summer. 

What’s the Purpose of Building Automation Systems?

Building management automation systems are technology-based energy management solutions that provide companies with many benefits, including:

Energy Savings

If you’re looking to promote a more energy-efficient building, building automation systems are a great place to start. Through the system, you have the opportunity to view real time energy usage and strategize ways to reduce energy consumption. This is especially important during drastic weather months—such as summer and winter—because this is when your heating and cooling systems are used at a much higher rate. 

Building automation control systems enable you to increase energy savings and streamline your building’s infrastructure maintenance. Mission-critical businesses like hospitals, IT data centers, and biomedical labs rely on continuous cooling systems to operate successfully and safely. Control systems allow these businesses to troubleshoot maintenance systems quickly if something fails.

A Customized System With Interchangeable Components

Building automation systems provide modern features to any building, whether it’s a new building or an already existing one. A BAS is customizable and enables you to integrate new applications that enhance overall building performance. BAS integration is seamless and supplies energy-saving automation solutions that automatically change building conditions during high-cost hours. 

During the BAS installation process, program engineers and technicians ensure:

  • You understand building and user equipment
  • Routing data is safe
  • System integrations meet their specifications
  • Life safety control options
  • Integration and maintenance work hand in hand 

Multi-Site Building Management Capabilities

Do you manage the building infrastructure for various buildings? Building automation systems enable building owners and managers to operate systems for each building they oversee from a single platform. Even if you’re out of town on summer vacation and something goes wrong with one of your buildings, you can adjust your systems as needed from a remote location.

Many BAS users rely on automated remote temperature monitoring solutions to ensure building operations run safely and efficiently. Especially during the summer, temperature-sensitive monitoring devices are crucial for businesses like food distribution facilities and meatpacking plants; if freezers and coolers stop working in your facility, all your valued products go to waste.

If an HVAC system, freezer, cooler, or other essential building operating system goes out in one of the buildings you manage, you’ll receive an alert via email. This allows you to contact your trusted technician as soon as something goes wrong.

A User-Friendly Platform With Minimal Maintenance

BAS is a platform with a high-quality user interface. It can be used by building operators and anyone else who may need to review the building’s energy usage and infrastructure. In addition to being user-friendly, it requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. Staying up to date with the system also ensures that your building’s system operations are working efficiently, so you don’t have to keep an eye on them as often as you would without a BAS. 

Frazier Service Company’s building automation solutions enable commercial buildings to save money and operate building systems remotely. Send us a message today to learn how you can integrate smart building technology into your business.

Types of Building Automation Applications

Building automation systems can be applied to many of your building’s infrastructure systems, including:

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems make up approximately 40% to 60% of your commercial building’s energy usage. Therefore, if your system is old or requires a lot of maintenance, your energy bills are much more likely to be higher than necessary. 

Building automation systems for heating and cooling units allow you to identify weaknesses in your systems and uncover ways to improve building maintenance. HVAC retrofitting through BAS ensures that your systems perform at a highly efficient level throughout the summer and reduce the risk of business downtime.


Applying BAS to your building’s lighting enables you to minimize energy consumption. Lighting retrofits through BAS allow you to replace outdated, traditional lighting and inefficient light fixtures with LED lighting solutions. This results in significant cost and energy savings


Access control systems are the most reliable building security solution on the market today. If you’re looking for an unparalleled degree of security, electronic key card access is your best option. This is designed to promote access to authorized individuals and can be controlled through a computer program. Through this BAS solution, business owners can control who enters the facility at any given point in time and supply a log of who entered what location at what time.

Frazier’s Smart Building Efficiency Applications Provide Cost-Saving Solutions

Through building automation systems, business owners and property managers have the opportunity to monitor their facility’s infrastructure around the clock. BAS is essential year round, but particularly throughout the summer. When your systems break down or aren’t working as efficiently as they should, you run the risk of business downtime, which negatively impacts your company’s bottom line. 

With Frazier Service Company, you have a team of reliable engineers and technicians to help you save money, time, and energy. Whether you’re looking to maximize your HVAC systems, lighting, or security system, Frazier is here to help you every step of the way. 

Ready to take the next step? Start the conversation today to discover the Frazier difference and optimize your building infrastructure for summer.

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