Commercial Building Trends To Follow in 2022

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Sustainability and efficiency are a priority when running a commercial building. Equipping your facility with the latest air conditioning and building automation system solutions can save you a lot of money in the long term. Keep reading for commercial building trends that are growing in popularity.

What Are the Latest Commercial Building Trends?

The latest and greatest innovations in commercial building solutions are focused on energy efficiency and automation. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are small but significant elements of a commercial building’s infrastructure. Without proper monitoring and preventative maintenance, it can cost an incredible amount to keep a business running from day to day.

The residential and commercial building sectors account for 74% of electricity use in the country. HVAC systems alone account for 60% of the total power consumption in any building. Beyond no-cost measures like selecting the right temperature for a building or closing dampers and grills in areas where air conditioning isn’t needed, there are many material and technological innovations that make the dream of cost-effective and energy-efficient buildings a reality.

From a building automation system (BAS) to aluminum grills and bipolar ionization technology, there are more options now than ever for building owners to consider. If you want to control electricity generation and prioritize user experience and clean energy use in your building, we have a few trends for you to keep in mind.

Real-Time Monitoring

HVAC failures are the most common cause of energy waste. Malfunctions in the equipment or logic system can go undetected for months before building owners call a technician, and by then, the damage is already done. Monitoring the condition of your HVAC in real time increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs by ensuring you dispatch technicians precisely when they’re needed.

Remote Diagnosis

Aluminum architectural grilles allow hot or cool air into a building while adding charm to its appearance. Grilles can be set straight or angled to direct or deflect air from a space. These devices improve energy efficiency by regulating your building’s temperature, and with an air control device, you can regulate airflow.

Aluminum Architectural Grilles

With a remote diagnosis, building owners perform a routine offsite analysis on HVAC malfunctions and report the data to technicians. By regularly collecting data from the affected HVAC, managers can improve fix rates and reduce site visits.

Building Automation Trends That Improve Energy Efficiency

Investing in building automation reduces electricity generation and waste. Buildings constructed with energy efficiency in mind and fitted with a building automation system consume less energy, offer better working conditions, and reduce CO2 emissions. Increasing a building’s energy efficiency during construction is ideal, but energy retrofit programs and renovations present another excellent opportunity.

Building automation technology’s potential benefits include:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Improved operations, work conditions, and productivity

Wireless Applications

Wireless functionality in building automation is all about flexibility. With it, building managers can create new systems and modify old ones with ease. When the construction industry uses cloud technology, managers don’t need to worry about maintaining fire alarms, access control systems, and other units separately from one another. Smart buildings with a fully integrated network are modern and flexible.

User Experience

User experience is king when it comes to building automation. Dealing with insufficient user manuals or overly complicated automated controls affects productivity in your building. By equipping facilities with automation systems that are easy to install and modify, managers are more efficient.

Researching all the newest trends and deciding which technologies are a good fit for your facility is difficult. Frazier can make your choice easier. Send a message today to learn how we assess your needs and deliver effective smart building solutions.

How To Keep Up With Energy Efficiency Trends in 2022

Maintaining a business that’s environmentally and commercially sustainable is no small feat. It requires thoughtful investment and resource management. Energy-efficient applications like remote diagnosis and real-time monitoring are best supported with integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions like the following:

Predictive Analysis

Building managers can detect wasteful energy consumption habits, opportunities for improvement, and faulty HVAC by analyzing building sensor data. With anomaly detection and prediction enabled, you can address problems before they severely impact your energy costs.

Integrated Data

Data integration allows the collection of data across disconnected building systems. Feeding information through an open data processing platform allows for easy integration across different equipment brands and communication channels. Building owners can also refine equipment information with other sources like operation schedules and occupancy data.

How Bipolar Ionization in HVAC Systems Impacts Buildings

The air is full of smoke, pollen, dander, viruses, bacteria, and more. Bipolar ionization technology cleans the air by introducing ions into a space via a ventilation system. Ions are positively and negatively charged molecules that need to gain or lose electrons to become neutral. When ions enter a facility, they combine with particles in the air. As the particles continue to cluster with the ions, they grow in size until they’re so large that filtration systems can capture them without a problem.

HVAC systems with bipolar ionization eliminate pollutants, allergens, and viruses more efficiently than other air conditioning solutions. They prevent the transmission of disease and improve the comfort of the workers and customers inside a commercial building.

Frazier Service Company Is Your Source for Industry-Leading Commercial Building Solutions

Are you ready to enhance your commercial facility with the latest technologies? Our building automation systems and HVAC services keep you at the head of the pack, ensuring your structure is accessible, comfortable, and energy efficient. We believe in strong customer-partner relationships, so we work closely with you to understand your building’s specific needs and guarantee you receive the best we have to offer.

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