Preparing Your Heating System for the Winter

Service experts performing heating system maintenance

The seasons are changing, and the time has come to perform preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. Getting ready for the fall and winter weather doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep reading for fall heating tips that are sure to save you money.

Why You Need To Prepare Your Heating System for the Winter

The seasons are turning, and fall is here. As a commercial building manager, you need to ensure your facility has the resources it needs to survive the rest of the year. That means surveying and fixing your heating and cooling units before the winter months arrive.

There’s nothing worse than dealing with an unexpected (and preventable) malfunction in your heating system. When you’re in the middle of a cold front and you can’t provide reliable heating for your customers and employees, it affects your reputation. Looking after your HVAC system prevents this and ensures productivity.

Building owners and managers need to have a checklist to follow when preparing for the winter months. After all, HVAC systems are the biggest energy consumers in a standard commercial building. Keeping your equipment in great shape means your HVAC consumes less energy and lasts much longer.

If you don’t have a fall HVAC maintenance checklist, don’t worry. We have a few tips to get you started.

What You Should Do To Get Ready for Fall and Winter

Keeping your commercial building in order is easier than you might think. All you need is a little preventative maintenance, and now’s the perfect time to schedule an inspection. Ensuring your air filters are clean and your thermostats are programmed before the weather turns bitter can save you a fortune on energy bills.

To winterize your heating system, do the following:

Schedule Preventative Maintenance for Your Commercial HVAC

All HVAC solutions need routine maintenance to keep the equipment in peak condition. To schedule an inspection for your heating system, get in touch with a contractor who knows what your system needs for a performance boost. Technicians have the necessary training to identify issues, safely correct them, and prevent any future malfunctions.

When a specialist inspects your commercial HVAC system, they do the following for both indoor and outdoor units:

  • Clean combustion blower housing
  • Measure and recharge refrigerant level
  • Inspect control box, switches, safety controls, and wiring
  • Check flue system for dislocations
  • Clean and clear drip pan, condensate lines, and evaporator coil
  • And much more

Inspect and Replace Air Filters

Air filters can collect dust and mold. Your indoor air quality suffers when you fail to check your air filters every three to four weeks. Dirty filters block airflow and reduce the efficiency of your commercial HVAC. Air filters should be replaced every three to six months. Equipping your HVAC with clean filters can reduce energy consumption by 15%.

Check Thermostats

It’s essential to regularly check the programming of your building’s thermostats to ensure the settings are still to your liking. A heating and cooling schedule that works one year may not be compatible with the next. Much like our other fall heating tips, this step lowers energy bills.

Frazier knows the value of a functioning air conditioner. When the weather is freezing and the only thing between you and frostbite is a working heating system, you need your HVAC solution to work flawlessly. Our technicians can give you the tools you need to battle the elements.

Survey the Blower Wheel Housing and Motor

The blower wheel housing and motor are critical to an air conditioning system. A faulty blower wheel hurts the longevity of your commercial HVAC by impacting airflow, freezing coils, and eventually causing the compressor to fail. Without proper maintenance, your HVAC becomes more expensive to run. With routine checkups, you ensure comfort and healthy airflow for your commercial building.

Trust Frazier Service Company To Put Your Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist Into Action

Ready to schedule an inspection? Frazier believes in building long-term relationships with clients. We offer quality building management services to guarantee your commercial building has what it needs to handle the cold. Reach out today to see how we handle HVAC replacements, preventative maintenance, and repair.

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