Why Your School Needs 75F HVAC Solutions

With summer approaching, your students, teachers, and facility will soon be enjoying their time off. This is the perfect time to invest in operational upgrades, as the renovation process won’t disrupt learning, and the projects will be done by the time the new year begins.

What is 75F HVAC?

75F is a building automation system that is easy to implement, manage, and adjust. Whether you’re looking to automate a single school building or an entire district, there are solutions available to fit your every need.

With an average customer payback period of 2 years and built-in remote control access, the 75F system exists to increase comfort and productivity for staff and students.

Compared to standard 7-day programmable thermostats, 75F drastically improves your building’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. 75F provides a quicker installation time and lower required maintenance costs, allowing you to automate your educational facilities more effectively than standard IAQ systems.

Experience Smart Building Controls

75F is reinventing the ways schools use smart building controls. By utilizing the latest advancements in modern technology, such as cloud computing, wireless networking, and mobile apps, 75F will provide you with a superior BAS solution.

75F HVAC Systems are:

Easy To Install

With a non-invasive installation process and faster plug-and-play installation, 75F lowers your initial cost compared to traditional BAS systems. The simple installation process allows for a quick implementation that can be completed during school breaks.

Adaptable To Your Facility

75F HVAC solutions come with smart sensing technology, designed to be compatible with any existing HVAC system. This technology makes aging equipment run more efficiently and allows you to monitor its status in real-time. However, smart sensing technology isn’t just for traditional systems; the interface adapts to new equipment upgrades as well. Adding any system additions into the management portal is quick and seamless, able to be done in seconds.

Scalable To Your Needs

75F can be installed into a single school building and then scaled later to fit within bond programs or operational and capital improvement planning.

Quick Payback Period

75F HVAC’s industry-leading technology allows you to make better use of your resources. The lower installation costs combined with reduced energy use results in quick improvements you’ll notice immediately. On average, most customers see a typical payback period of less than two years.

Get Energy Efficient School Buildings This Summer

75F’s HVAC solutions include predictive intelligence, which can reduce your energy costs up to 50%. Predictive intelligence collects and analyzes hundreds of data points collected by smart sensors and sends them to the cloud. With smart algorithms, the 75F system then autonomously creates the perfect control strategy for your building— saving you energy and ensuring a comfortable learning environment.

Facility managers also get comprehensive energy reports that compile hundreds of data points into easily understandable charts. This allows you to compare multiple campuses to detect anomalies and understand where your school buildings fall short. Access to this comprehensive data means you’ll be more informed on your building’s status, resulting in a more efficient campus.

Improve Your School’s Indoor Air Quality

75F’s HVAC systems also have software designed to measure and optimize your indoor air quality. With cutting edge technology, the unit measures your current air quality, then sends data to the cloud, running algorithms evaluating the current climate. The unit automatically makes adjustments, ideally increasing your fresh-air equivalent levels by 20-30%.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak highlighted the importance of schools’ need for indoor air quality. Since 2020, there’s been a significant increase in the attention focused on important issues such as air purity, healthy environments, and occupant productivity.

Having a system to measure your IAQ, and then automatically optimize your solution provides valuable information to help mitigate future outbreaks, while allowing you to monitor the status of air quality in school.

Let Frazier Service Handle Your 75F HVAC Installation

Frazier Service has provided superior HVAC solutions to K12 and Higher Education intuitions for years. We take pride in our ability to provide your organization with enhanced learning environments, increasing your occupant’s conformability and productivity.

Looking for a self-optimizing solution that saves you money, and increases air quality and comfort?

Our partnership with 75F HVAC allows us to provide you with the best building automation system available, get in touch with one of our experts, and feel the difference Frazier provides.

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