Common HVAC Winter Issues

Winter weather gathering on HVAC equipment

Winter has arrived, and you’re eager to turn on your heating system and block out all that cold air. Walking into a warm building is a great feeling, but it’s not guaranteed. Winter weather can do a number on your HVAC unit, and if you aren’t careful, your heating and cooling system could fail without warning.

The good news is that the most common HVAC problems can be identified and addressed with a keen eye and a little commercial HVAC preventative maintenance. Want to keep your commercial building warm through the winter? Keep reading to learn a few maintenance tips that’ll help you avoid an HVAC emergency.

How To Keep the Cold Weather From Your HVAC

Your HVAC system going out on you when you’re dealing with snow and ice is a dangerous and expensive scenario. Arranging emergency commercial HVAC repair services in the middle of a cold spell is difficult, since many other people may be running into the same problems. That’s why you should practice HVAC winter maintenance and take a close look at your HVAC system before things get out of hand.

Inspect your equipment for these common HVAC problems and get ahead of the issue:

Uneven Airflow

Are some rooms in your commercial building warmer or cooler than others? You may have an issue with airflow. Restricted airflow is a common HVAC problem caused by obstructed vents and fans as well as air filter issues. Check the vents in your building for blockage and move any furniture or appliances that are in the way. Look for cracks around doorways and windows.

Faulty Heat Pumps

Air conditioners and heat pumps provide heating and cooling. Heat pumps warm a building by transferring outside air through the system and using an evaporator coil to heat the air supply. Many facilities rely on exterior heat pumps for warmth.

Snow and ice can damage heat pumps and cause them to lose efficiency. The equipment will struggle to defrost, leading to blocked coils, broken fan motors, and other malfunctions. Clear the frost from your coils and check refrigerant levels. Ensure your heat pump has automatic defrost settings and verify it’s working.

Are you worried about your HVAC system leaving you cold? HVAC winter maintenance is an effective way to protect your commercial building from the elements. Team up with Frazier Service Company for commercial HVAC equipment replacement, installation, and more.

Broken Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to many problems with your HVAC system. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as replacing the batteries. Other times, you may need to repair faulty wiring or adjust the settings. You may even need to replace your thermostat if it’s beyond repair.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that leaks from cracked or rusted heating systems. The substance is odorless and colorless, making it nearly impossible to detect without monitoring equipment. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is a critical HVAC winter maintenance step.

Cracked heat exchangers and insufficient ventilation are common causes of carbon monoxide leaks. Check the heat exchanger for damage and inspect vents for issues.

Frozen Pipes

Snow, ice, and low temperatures can cause pipes and coils to freeze over. Water heaters, steam radiators, and other essential equipment stop working when water can’t pass through the piping. You can prevent this winter HVAC issue by insulating all exposed pipes that connect to your heating and cooling systems.

Once you realize you have frozen pipes, turn off the water as soon as possible. Pressure buildup in frozen pipes can cause the piping to explode, leading to more expensive repairs and a longer disruption.

Frazier Service Company Performs Thorough HVAC Winter Maintenance

HVAC winter problems are troublesome, but they aren’t the end of the world. When you maintain your HVAC system throughout the year, your equipment stays in peak condition and it can handle all the snow and ice nature throws at it. HVAC winter maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns, ensuring your property stays warm and ventilated through the entire season.

Frazier Service Company understands the value of preventative maintenance. Our technicians solve common HVAC problems before they grow so you can stay comfortable and avoid costly downtime. When we inspect your HVAC system, we check for leaks and clean the condenser coils, thermostats, air filters, and more.

Do you want optimal system performance and reduced energy bills? Addressing HVAC winter issues before they cause a failure in your system is a great way to guarantee energy efficiency for your equipment. Leaks and poorly calibrated systems can cost a fortune if they aren’t corrected.

Are you ready to put your HVAC winter troubles to rest? Partner with Frazier Service Company today.

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