Debunking Myths About Building Automation Systems

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Building automation systems (BAS) are scalable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective smart technology. However, due to certain misconceptions, many building managers have found it difficult to accept building management systems.

Keep reading to explore the myths surrounding building automation systems and learn the truth about their security and performance.

How Secure Is Smart Building Technology?

Cloud-based BAS are designed to save you money and reduce your energy consumption while providing cutting-edge security system features. Security in building automation systems depends heavily on your staff. If your building control system is checked often and implemented correctly, your software is more likely to yield the energy savings and protection you expect.

When you take care of your building management system, it takes care of you. Your system’s cloud services are secure, but maintaining them is important. A hacker will inevitably compromise your smart building technology if you don’t reinforce your BAS with adequate controls and management.

Ensuring security for your building automation system isn’t as difficult as certain myths may lead you to believe. Next, we’ll go over some of those misconceptions and discuss the reality of the situation.

Myth: Proper Implementation Isn’t Worth the Trouble

Proper implementation of your BAS is essential. Cutting corners during the IP network setup phase leads to significant issues down the line. It’s true that introducing a building automation system to your facility is an involved process. However, you can complete the integration gradually to minimize interruptions, maintain productivity, and significantly upgrade to your building technology.

If you fail to set up smart building technology right the first time around, you create vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. Take the time to develop credentials for crucial staff, establish internal protocols, and configure a firewall solution to ensure the longevity of your smart building.

Myth: Building Automation System Network Architecture Is Too Difficult To Maintain

Building automation systems are sophisticated. After all, they tie all of your building’s functions into a single platform, including temperature, humidity, air conditioning, and indoor air quality. Many facility managers believe they don’t have the personnel on hand to implement and support fully featured building technology. However, it’s possible to simplify your solution.

Your BAS vendor can adjust your building management system to have fewer connections and require less time for configuration. Smart building technology is scalable and suited to match the needs of your building occupants.

Traditional building systems result in high energy usage, extensive maintenance, and unreliable performance. Make the leap to automated building management and reap the benefits of remote temperature monitoring, access control, and more.

Myth: With a Reliable BAS, Password Security Is Less Essential

Your building automation system is as reliable as your internal access control measures. The first thing hackers do is break weak or default passwords. One of the best ways to improve your building management system security is to change all default passwords to something more robust. Ideally, you should do this during the implementation phase.

When configuring your BAS, you should:

  • Change all default passwords
  • Never leave your password exposed
  • Never share your password
  • Never reuse a password
  • Use distinct passwords for different accounts

Myth: An Outdated Building Automation System Is Still Secure

Many building managers implement a management system to reduce the amount of hardware and software they need to juggle. While BAS do help you manage your building, there’s one responsibility you can never do without: updates. Even when you’ve adopted a cloud-based solution, you still need someone to update the server. Keeping your smart technology up to date protects you from the ever-changing strategies of bad actors. 

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