Why Your Staff Needs Building Automation Training

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Businesses investing in building automation system upgrades often overlook one element: training. Your new system may be fully installed and ready to go, but it can’t be used correctly if your staff doesn’t have the proper training. Building automation training programs ensure you get the most out of your new system.

What Is a Building Automation System (BAS)?

A building automation system (BAS) is a network designed to connect and automate various functions within a building, including:

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Systems
  • Security Systems

Components of BAS Technology

BAS systems are a popular option for businesses looking to consolidate their system management under a single set of controls. The main components of standard BAS systems are:


Sensors are used throughout your BAS to monitor conditions throughout your facility. These systems monitor everything from ambient temperature and humidity to light level and motion. All of this data is collected, consolidated, and observed in real time to be sent to centralized controllers.


Once the sensors receive the information, the controllers use it to send commands to the HVAC systems, automatically regulating building temperatures.

Output Devices

Output devices are BAS components designed to act on the controller’s commands. They regulate anything from air quality to lighting and security and are essentially responsible for completing any actions that affect your office space.


For your BAS to effectively delegate commands to other system components, it must be able to communicate the specific actions. Building automation systems use code to trigger specific responses within your facility.


While your BAS automates standard control procedures, a user interface is still required so your staff can adjust the configuration as needed. The system can be challenging to understand, which is why your staff needs building automation training to properly use the controls.

Some building managers have misconceptions about building automation systems and are hesitant to implement them in their facilities. Take a look at our blog to learn the truth about BAS security and performance.

Why BAS Skill Training Programs Matter

Having access to a complete management system means nothing if you don’t know how to use it. Investing in proper building automation training programs gives your staff the knowledge they need to use your BAS to its full potential.

New Technology Can Be Tricky To Master

The moment your new system goes live, it can significantly disrupt your workflow. New technology can be challenging to understand and feel like a roadblock to your staff. Some employees might have trouble embracing the changes. Investing in building automation training programs gives your team the knowledge they need to confidently transition over to a new system.

Improved ROI

Measuring ROI for training can be subjective; instead, consider the cost of not training your staff. You spend a considerable amount of money on a new system, but what good is it if your staff can’t use it?

The best-case scenario without proper training is your employees try to train themselves. Peer-to-peer training on new technology involves a lot of guesswork, which leads to inconsistency and expensive mistakes. Providing your staff with practical building automation training ensures your entire team uses the same playbook, which promotes a consistent and seamless transition to the new interface.

Employee Retention

Younger workers are drawn to employers with excellent training and educational programs. Deploying industry-leading technology will attract talented workers, but giving them the knowledge to succeed will keep them around. Proper building automation training creates a sense of cohesiveness within your workplace, giving your employees a reason to invest in your company’s future.

Empowering your team with the information and confidence needed to implement and manage a new system reduces friction and frustration while improving your building operations and employee retention.

Your First Choice for Building Automation Training Programs

Frazier Service provides onsite building automation training for all our partners. We know how crucial proper training is for the effectiveness of your BAS solution. Reach out to our experts for your training needs and give your employees the resources to succeed.

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