Many building owners & operators need to monitor a plethora of conditions in their building 24/7. Frazier Service Company has a number of solutions to meet this need for you.

  • Freezers/Coolers – We currently have monitoring systems in hundreds of freezers & coolers in schools, food distribution facilities, and meat packing plants. These systems range in complexity from simple email notification all the way to dialing out to Tier One Call Centers.
  • Energy Monitoring – Different electrical rate structures can create the need to continually monitor usage and peak demands. At FSC, we work with customers to understand their rate structure and how to maximize savings. Auto Demand Response can automatically change building conditions during high cost hours and/or near peak events.
  • Moisture, freezing conditions, and heat are all areas that can adversely affect different facilities. All of these are areas that we currently help customers remotely monitor and avoid.

Anything that can be measured can be monitored remotely and reported to you in a plethora of methods. Please contact Frazier Service Company to find out how we can help you with your Remote Monitoring needs.

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